KARNAGE Clan Recruitment Challenge

August 12, 2019

The time has come... For the first time in years, KARNAGE is opening up to let you show us what you've got. We're seeking personality and professionalism in content that will tell a story of its own. We're seeking charismatic, humbled individuals who know how to conduct at a professional level. We're seeking motivated creators who want to better their craft and who want to be in a collaborate team - no... family - environment and want to be a part of the KARNAGE brand and vision as we push boldly into our next chapter as an organization.

Whether you're a Call of Duty creator, a Fortnite legend, a photographer, a graphic designer or anyone in between, this is open to you. Your imagination is your best tool for this, we want to see you in your natural habitat and what you think sets you apart from the crowd. Got insane stream production quality? Send it! Have a unique approach to presenting the best gameplay or information? Send it! Do you specialize in the best photography around? Send it! We want to see you for you!

Follow this link to the submission page and where you can send in all you want seen (no submission limit). To help guide you, here's a little of what we want and a few small rules to follow:

Content / Stream Rules:

  • Your imagination is your best tool but here's a few starters:
    • Call of Duty:
      • Challenges, funny moments, clips, feeds, trickshot complilations, anything to showcase your creativity
    • Fortnite
      • Deathrun showcases, creative builds, competitive plays, funny moments
  • Include #KARNAGERC in the description and/or title of videos
  • Include #KARNAGERC in titles of streams

Design Rules

  • GFuel, Scuf, Respawn and apparel ads are great starters!
  • Use the official KARNAGE black, gold (#DCB74E) and red (#940505) color scheme when incorporating entire branding


You have until August 25th to get your submissions in! Make sure you're quick and can showcase the best of what you've got, we're greatly looking forward to seeing what you cook up! All the best and much love!



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