July 22, 2021

Call of Duty: Warzone truly has captured the gaming scene and with the popularity of tournaments on the rise, KARNAGE had to get involved. In collaboration with Call of Duty and eFuse, KARNAGE Clan hosted our very first tournament event: KARNAGE Clan's $5,000 Warzone Clash. In addition, we partnered with our sponsors GFUEL Energy, Gamer Advantage and RESPAWN Products to provide an additional $5,000 in bounty challenges.

So...with $10,000 in total up for grabs, 16 teams of 3 battled it out in 8 games of mini-royale customs in Warzone's Verdansk. Collectively amongst all 48 streamers involved, over 100,000 viewers tuned in, eager to see which of their favorite creators would reign victorious. Additionally, over 3,500 unique visitors came right to this website, intrigued to read more about what was going down in the Warzone Clash.

 After a 5 hour event, casted by KRNG Drift0r and GrandMasterGOJJ, 4 teams in total walked about with cash in hand and $4,500 donated to the Call of Duty Endownment, a charity that identifies and funds the most efficient and effective organizations that get unemployed veterans back to work. Here's the breakdown:


Congratulations to our KARNAGE Clan $5,000 Warzone Clash champions accumulating over 90 points and collectively taking home $3,000 for 1st place. Here's your champion team:


We had an absolute blast hosting our very first community Warzone tournament and know the viewers enjoyed the show! We'll be sure to improve the KARNAGE tournament experience and be back with something even more unique and crazier than our bounty format. Thank you to Call of Duty, eFuse, our partners, the players who partook and all the viewers that tuned in. As we like to say, gaming truly is the great unifier. And lastly, don't forget...#UnleashTheKARNAGE

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