KARNAGE Clan's Warzone Clash Tournament

July 20, 2021

We couldn't be more thrilled to be entering the Warzone tournament scene with our first ever event: KARNAGE Clan's Warzone Clash! In collaboration with Call of Duty, there is a $5,000 prize pool up for grabs with an additional $5,000 in bounty challenges for players to attempt! Below we will be providing you with all the details you'll need in competing in our tournament, may the odds be in your favor and don't forget - #UnleashTheKARNAGE.

Here's what you need to know about the KARNAGE Clan Clash:

General Information:

  • Trios
  • 8 Mini Royale Matches, WSOW Scoring Breakdown
  • Warzone Kill Race with Placement Multipliers for top half of placement
  • Event duration: 3-4 hours
  • All players involved will be streaming, all perspectives are visible to the viewers!

Point System and Format: 

  • Each Elimination = 1 Point
  • 1st Place: 2x Points multiplier for that game
  • 2nd Place - halfway down placement list: 1.5x Points multiplier for that gam
    • If there are an odd number of teams, the middle team placement-wise will receive a 1.5x Points multiplier
  • Halfway down placement list - last place: No Points multiplier for that game


  • Tiebreakers will be determined in the order presented here: 

    • 1) Total points scored
    • 2) Total number of team eliminations in Eligible Games
    • 3) Total Victories in Eligible Games
    • 4) Average placement per match in Eligible Games
    • 5) If a tie still exists between 2 teams that qualify for prizing, the prize pool of both tied squads will be added and divided evenly between the two teams

Bounty Challenges:

There will be one designated challenge for teams to compete for during each of the 8 matches played throughout the event, with 2 additional blanket challenges that will apply to ALL matches until they are completed. Challenges can be completed AS A TEAM, and additional prizing will be awarded to the team that completes each challenge first. Each challenge will be announced on a game-by-game basis prior to each of the 8 games.

Blanket Challenges:

  • $500 Gamer Advantage: “Dazed, But Not Confused” - Kill an enemy who stunned you (blanket because it cannot be initiated by the individual that completes it)
  • $500 Gamer Advantage: “Overachiever” - Earn an extra $500 for the first team to complete any 3 challenges

Game-specific Challenges:

  • Game 1: $500 RESPAWN: “Seat Crusher” - Kill 5 enemies in a single game while driving a helicopter by hitting them with the vehicle
  • Game 2: $500 GFUEL: “Unleash the KARNAGE” - Secure a Squad Wipe with one explosive charge
  • Game 3: $500 Gamer Advantage: “Perseus Thanks You” - Find and go through 3+ Red Doors
  • Game 4: $500 Gamer Advantage: “Crystal Clear” - Secure a kill with a sniper at 400m+
  • Game 5: $500 GFUEL: “Jack of all Trades” - 10 kills with 10 different weapons
  • Game 6: $500 RESPAWN: “Take a Seat” - Secure the game winning kill with a vehicle
  • Game 7: $500 GFUEL: “The Minimalist” - Win a game with only the items found in the first 5 crates opened
  • Game 8: $500 GFUEL: “The VIP” - Escort a teammate to a win with 0 kills and 0 deaths

**all additional information for players regarding regulation of scoring, D/Cs Mid-Match, etc. will be provided via the event's Discord server**

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