Volume 0: Introduction

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Welcome to “Bravo Six: Going Dark (Matter)”

A complete guide to Polyatomic and Orion Camo

Volume 0: Introduction!

This guide was authored by KRNG XVI | @xvithegreat

Wait a minute, aren't things supposed to start at volume one? Well, yes, but as fate would have it, my posts are actually too long for the website to handle, so instead I've grouped the most important and universally applicable information into this volume. This helps to cut down on bloat and repeat information on the future volumes and ensure that they stay more "on-topic" and keep specialized information relevant to their weapon class.

This guide is designed to be the most detailed, comprehensive guide to assist you on your journeys through Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and ultimately Orion. It has been written after extensive time testing, leveling, investigating, and compiling data about the game, and will be releasing over 9 volumes due to the sheer size of information and customization.

"Bravo Six, Going Dark (Matter)": A Complete Orion Camo Guide

Simplified Tuning Method

What to expect:

  • Logical path to follow from start to finish
  • All challenges with recommendations
  • Settings recommendations
  • Best attachments analysis, and where to unlock them
  • Highly-tested loadout recommendations, including tuning
  • And more!

This guide is divided into the following sections:

  • Section 1: What do I have to do?
  • Section 2: Challenge Recommendations
  • Section 3: Best Settings to Control Recoil (Extremely Important)
  • Section 4: Best Weapon XP Methods
  • Section 5: Tuning, and the Simplified Tuning Method
  • Section 6: Longshots
  • Section 7: Bullet Velocity - does it matter in 6v6?
  • Section 8: Recommended Perks & Equipment
  • Section 9: Recommended Loadouts for Every Weapon

Section 1: What do I have to do?

To earn the penultimate mastery camo, Polyatomic, and the ultimate master camo, Orion, you must level up any 51 weapons and complete every one of their challenges. Every weapon has a standard challenge available at level 1, and 3 more very easy challenges unlocked over the course of leveling up the weapon (usually at about 33%, 66%, and 99% milestones).

  • After completing the four base challenges of a weapon, the Gold challenge becomes available for that weapon. After completing the Gold challenge for the same number of base weapons in the category, Platinum becomes available.

  • To unlock the ability to complete Platinum challenges, you have to complete Gold on the number of guns in the category that the Platinum challenge tells you to. These do not have to be the base weapons; you can do any number of base and DLC weapons in the category!

    • For example, if the game says you must complete Gold on 8 Assault Rifles to unlock the Platinum challenge, you must complete Gold on any 8 Assault Rifles; these can be guns that the game launched with, or any assortment of launch + DLC weapons added in new seasons.

  • After completing the Platinum challenge on any 51 weapons (you don't have to complete X from every category; only 51 Platinums overall), the Polyatomic challenge unlocks for those 51 weapons.

  • After completing the Polyatomic challenge on any 51 weapons, Orion is unlocked for those weapons!

  • You do not need to do launchers since as of Season 1, the game has enough weapons in every category to complete 51 Polyatomics with every ballistic weapon + melee weapons. This will get more flexible as the game ages and adds more weapons! Remember the rule: Any 51!

How does this compare to Damascus, Dark Matter Ultra, or Atomic?

Way easier and faster, except for Longshots. Leveling weapons is easy and fast, and subject to constantly-evolving and emerging XP farm methods, and the challenges themselves are very easy to complete... except Longshots. Longshots are definitely the defining challenge and realistically the only point of contention that makes or breaks a player's Orion journey, but I'm prepared to help you in every way that I can.

Section 2: Challenge Recommendations

The basic challenges for each gun vary from a small set. The basic challenges involve the following criteria: ADS, Kills with a Suppressor, Kills from Behind, Double Kills, Hipfire Kills, Point Blank Kills, Prone Kills, Mounted Kills, and Crouched Kills. Beyond the basic set, Gold, Platinum, and Polyatomic have specialized challenges. Here are some recommendations for them:

  • ADS and Suppressor Kills are autocompletes. Many Suppressors carry a heavy handling toll; while the best Suppressor varies from weapon to weapon, I would recommend using the Suppressor that has the least negative impact on your Handling. While this is usually the Echoline GS-X, make sure to inspect each individual weapon to see which one impacts Handling the least.

  • Kills from Behind can be surprisingly challenging, especially in higher-bracket SBMM lobbies where every enemy is ultra-aware and conditioned to detect flanks based on map knowledge. My best advice for Kills from Behind is definitely to use the same line of thinking: Instead of detecting flanks, look for areas where flanking may be possible. The basic rule of map and game awareness is that enemies tend to be where your teammates are not. This is a rule that is constantly broken by poor spawns and unpredictable human behavior, but it largely remains true. The best game mode I would recommend is Hardpoint, since HP regularly changes the area of the map that becomes most-travelled, continually opening opportunities for flanks.

    • You will have to think out of the box and try to anticipate, based on your gaming experience thus far, where you tend to encounter enemies the least. These are the routes you will want to take in hopes of pulling off a successful flank and shooting someone in the back. Always go wide. There will not be a universal place on each map since human enemies behave significantly differently depending on your SBMM.

    • For example, on Farm 18, this may mean sneaking through the apartments and all the way to the rear lots; on El Asilo, this could mean performing a wide rotation on the side of the map opposite the Hardpoint; on Zarqwa, this may mean getting creative by using the shroud of water to cross from side to side... or right under the middle!

    • Ghost definitely helps with kills from behind in matches where enemies are frequently calling in UAVs.

    • Your minimap is the greatest tool in your arsenal not only for general high-level play, but identifying flanks and cuts to use to sneak behind enemy lines.

  • If you encounter difficulty with Double Kills, Shoot House and Shipment are the places to do them. Think about the conditioned idea of map knowledge - use your minimap. After killing one enemy, think - where may the next enemy appear? Be ready, and either proactively challenge a sightline or be ready for another enemy to come screaming around the corner. If you have a UAV up and see two dots close to each other, do not think about how you'll engage the closest enemy - think about how you will engage them both and the safest way to do so.

  • Hipfire Kills are usually small in number and generally do not necessitate re-tooling a weapon for hipfire optimization since you usually have to get so few of them. Hipfires are easiest on Shoot House, and the best way to get Hipfire Kills is to anticipate when an enemy will come around a corner and effectively blindside them, which is also the same strategy for Point Blank kills. Speaking of which...

  • Point Blank Kills can be quite difficult, and definitely involve ambushing enemies around corners at high speeds, especially considering that running right up behind someone is difficult with the nature of footsteps in this game. Minimap, minimap, minimap. Remember that you can crouch to sneak up to someone, but it isn't exactly the most expedient method. If you get close, execute a quick leap at the target to rapidly close the distance. The Shoot House Longshot Wall campers are prime suspects for Point Blank farming, but Shipment definitely works best.

  • Mounted, Crouched, and Prone Kills are all feats of the same vein, and involve anticipating the flow of the game and making educated guesses as to where you expect enemies to appear. Sitting in one area for 30 seconds and hoping an enemy dithers into your sights is not the way; Be mobile and seek out enemies - but carefully. You want to get to an area where you know you'll see action, but perhaps at an unexpected angle. For example, if you're holding the hardpoint, you already know enemies are inbound. Mount up, crouch up, or prone down! Be active and mobile; use Tactical Sprint to move from area to area as you crouch, mount, or prone in anticipation of enemies.

  • Getting 3 kills without dying for Gold invites the ultimate harbingers of bad luck over your shoulder, and just like every other camo challenge, a player encountering difficulty with this challenge should seek to hone their game and map awareness skills by watching the minimap constantly. Learn to flick your eyes to and from the minimap rapidly. Remember the rule: Enemies tend to be where your teammates are not. If you've heard about this goofy epidemic of people "checking their second monitor for cheats", this is what lesser-skilled players (and genuinely stupid people that should keep their mouth shut) are incorrectly referring to... because they don't check their minimaps themselves. Checking the minimap is an important weapon absent from a village idiot's arsenal of cheating accusations ("they automatically know where everyone is!"), but most importantly, it's a crucial factor directly contributing to your success.

  • Proper, honed, and built-up minimap awareness and game knowledge leads to situational pre-aims and otherwise funky decisions that, in a context-less vacuum, make no sense - but as a player with higher-level decision-making and awareness, drive your educated guesses that best prepare you to take on that second or third kill. Simple map awareness is an incredibly important factor directly influencing your success with 3-streaks. At the end of the day, effective completion of every single challenge in the game involves minimap awareness. If you are new to the Call of Duty franchise and want to hear the #1 tip for getting better at the game from a 15-year Call of Duty veteran, it is to constantly check your minimap.

  • Gold Challenge: 3 Kills Without Dying: 3-Streaks stack per life, so if you get 6 kills without dying, you've got 2/10 challenge completion!

  • Platinum Challenge: Longshots are quite difficult in MW2 and will be the defining factor that makes or breaks a player's Orion journey. I have a full section on Longshots in Section 5.

  • Polyatomic Challenge: Headshot kills for Polyatomic are a walk in the park. Try to center on the head and control recoil effectively to do the rest (lightly pull down; my builds are very easy to perform headshots with).

Section 3: Best Settings to Control Recoil (IMPORTANT)

There are settings for better recoil control?! Yes, my dear Modern Warfare-ite, there are. Have you ever wondered how people walk around with these aimbot weapons with zero recoil and perfect lock-on accuracy? It’s not the spooky henchman Aim Assist (well, it is to some degree), but one of the most important settings to enhance your play in every single gunfight is adjusting graphics settings, and yes, these are available on every console and every platform. The settings in play are Field of View (FOV), ADS Field of View, Weapon Field of View, and in Tuning, Operator Eye Position.

I personally recommend zooming out your FOV as far as you can handle, playing with ADS FOV Affected, Weapon FOV Wide, and if applicable – Operator Eye Position Far. These factors tangibly reduce the recoil you have to deal with, but not the amount of recoil your gun has.

  • If you’re new to FOV, it may be best to zoom it out 5 degrees at a time, from 80 to 85, playing a little, then pushing from 85 to 90, and so on, until you find your best FOV.

  • Zooming out your FOV increases the amount of environment you can see on your screen, leading to greater awareness.

  • Zooming out your FOV makes your weapon smaller.

  • Turning the ADS FOV from default Independent to Affected has a huge impact and is the singular most important setting after zooming out your FOV.

    • A zoomed-out FOV (above 80) with ADS FOV Affected will make your weapon and Ironsights (or optic) smaller while ADS. It is a mere matter of perspective: An object farther away would require more force to have the appearance of moving, whereas an object closer to your face would require much less force to appear to be moving a lot. It is the same amount of recoil, but smaller sights are easier to control because they require less input to respond to recoil.

    • It is much easier to control recoil by adjusting a smaller object farther away, since the kick appears to be moving much less, then it is to adjust a giant object closer to you, where every minute movement of the instability and kick can be viewed in beautiful HD.

    • While the ADS FOV is on Independent, every time you ADS your FOV will zoom to 80, but only while ADS; as soon as you release ADS, your FOV returns to its custom value. While the ADS FOV is on Affected, your FOV while ADS will always remain whatever value you set it at (90, 100, etc.).

  • Setting the Weapon FOV to Wide is similar to affected in that it makes your Ironsights smaller, but nowhere near the degree or importance of Affected FOV.

  • Operator Eye Position is only available in weapon tuning with specific sights, but is another factor capable of making a slight difference – by pushing the eye position farther away, this again makes recoil appear less intense.

Remember: All of this is only a visual change and does not actually change the amount of recoil on your gun, but this is the biggest factor in why people think “everyone is running around with Cronus Zen” or with zero-recoil weapons; they probably aren’t cheating, they just tuned their graphics settings to make recoil more manageable.

The weapon builds I provide in this guide will almost certainly not work on the default FOV of 80 with default ADS FOV of Independent. I’ve even received messages from previous builds I’ve recommended saying they’ve had “tons of recoil” (dead giveaway that someone doesn’t know how to play the game) and that I am surely cheating; No, these users just needed to learn how to play the game better. Also, remember to pull down on your thumbstick with every gun to control recoil. Part of effective weapon-building is removing horizontal recoil as much as possible so that the only recoil remaining is largely vertical, which can be humanly compensated for. Horizontal recoil largely cannot be manually controlled.

Section 4: Best Weapon XP Methods

If you are after efficiency, it is in your best interest to minimize the amount of time it takes to level up weapons, and sometimes this means playing in strange or unconventional ways – but we are here for a good time, not a long time, are we not? If you’re unconcerned with pacing and want to enjoy the game, some supplementary techniques are covered.
  • Why level up weapons? Simple. Camo challenges are not unlocked at Weapon Level 1, and are unlocked as you level up the weapon. Each weapon has 4 level-based challenges, and these are unlocked at 33%, 66%, and we’ll say… 99% weapon level – or 1 level under maximum. If a weapon has 25 levels, the final challenge will be unlocked at level 24.

  • As such, if you are currently having a great and efficient weapon XP session, especially with a Double Weapon XP token popped, it is in your best interest to swap to a new weapon and level that up immediately so that you do not waste productivity. Get a weapon to 1 level under maximum so it has all challenges unlocked, and move on to the next for maximum productivity.

How is Weapon XP earned?

To begin with, 100% of your XP earned with your current gun is applied to the weapon! To the best of everyone’s knowledge, 100 points of PXP = WXP on a 1:1 ratio. So what does this mean?
  • Get an assist? Levels up your gun. Call in a UAV and get +10 from a teammate kill? Levels up your gun. Capture a flag for +200? Levels up your gun. Get an offensive kill on the Hardpoint for +130, capture the enemy Hardpoint for +200, then get a defensive kill on the Hardpoint for +130 for a total of 460? All of these level up your gun. In this aspect, the more XP you get and faster means the faster you level up your gun.

  • To get a little more specific, if you have your M4A1 out prior to calling in a killstreak such as a Cruise Missile or Chopper Gunner, even though you are “holding a tablet” at the time of kills and experience gain, it will count towards the gun you held before calling in the streak. Toss a throwing knife and kill someone? Counts toward the gun you held. Get in a tank and get kills as the gunner? Counts toward the gun you held. Get assist score while using a Stim Shot? Counts towards the gun you held. Get a kill on someone in Kill Confirmed with your M4A1, swap to your pistol and pick up the Kill Confirmed tag? Counts towards the pistol because that was the gun out at the time of XP gain.

The Absolute Fastest S-Tier Method of Leveling Up Weapons (Multiplayer 6v6 Only)

Nobody is going to like me for this. In fact, I don’t like me for this. You hate this method, I hate this method, everyone hates this method, but it would be cruel and unusual to deprive people of the best way to level up weapons in 6v6 Multiplayer. This does not apply to Invasion, Ground War, DMZ, or Warzone. Invasion and Ground War will likely always be less efficient than 6v6, and 6v6 will likely always be less efficient than DMZ or Warzone methods. It is in your best interest to do a little research into DMZ or Warzone Weapon XP methods if you don't mind foraying into those modes. I don't know when you will be reading this guide, so I won't be sharing any DMZ/WZ methods since they frequently get patched and changed, but so far, the 6v6 Decoy strat remains as profitable as ever.

The best way to level up weapons involves the following: Kill Confirmed game mode, Decoys (Tactical), Extra Tactical Base Perk, Resupply Bonus Perk, DDOS Field Upgrade, UAV, Counter UAV, and Advanced UAV (or S.A.E.).
  • Get used to this habit: Every single time you spawn, toss all 3 Decoys immediately and almost indiscriminately. Be sure to spread them out so as to cover the maximum amount of ground, and try to throw them where you expect enemies to die. This generally means throwing them where your teammates are not because enemies are usually found where teammates are not; basic map awareness/gamesense rule. If Hardpoint, throw it on the Hardpoint, if Domination, throw it near flags, but again – be sure to spread them out.

  • If an enemy dies near your Decoy, you get a +45 Decoy Assist.

  • If an enemy shoots near your Decoy, you get a +15 Decoy Distract.

  • Decoys are the heart of this strategy and the greatest XP mobilizer so it is of the utmost importance to learn the habit of yeet, yeet, yeeting all 3 decoys every time you spawn, and paying close attention to the Resupply timer to throw them off recharge.

  • UAV, Counter UAV, and Advanced UAV all provide +10 assist score when a teammate kills an enemy while any of these are active.

  • Use DDOS off cooldown when you know you are near enemies or the UI alerts you that a device is in range. Use your gamesense and UAV to determine when an enemy is near and try to get yield off the DDOS every use, even if it’s just +20 for EMPing a single player. It charges very very fast, especially with all the assist score you’ll be getting with this method.

  • Playing Kill Confirmed yields the fastest amount of XP/game, but other popular modes include Headquarters and especially Hardpoint, since both of those modes condense and draw enemies to predictable locations. Of the two, I would personally recommend HP so you never have to wait for a HQ respawn.

Section 5: Tuning, and the Simplified Tuning Method

Tuning is unlocked on weapons once they hit their maximum level - well, not the weapons per se - but their attachments! Tuning is a give-and-take system that allows you to increase one stat at the cost of another. It is a largely ambiguous system with many nuances. For example, you can tune a Suppressor to give you faster ADS, but it will provide less Recoil Control.

Nearly every attachment in the game can be tuned to fit your playstyle best - you can choose to accentuate mobility, handling, accuracy, stability - whatever you feel is best for you. Tuning is ultimately a min/maxing practice for those who wish to get squeeze every last inch of performance out of their guns. If you aren't interested in this, Tuning can certainly be ignored; untuned weapons will only perform slightly worse than perfectly-tuned weapons.

There are a few methods in existence, namely Sweet Spot Tuning, Max Tuning, Peak Tuning, and Simplified Tuning. While it is the method I personally developed - vanity aside - my sincere recommendation is to use the Simplified Tuning technique.

In a nutshell, Simplified Tuning replicates the best possible / most effective tune 80% of the time (actual statistical probability) by applying a very easy universal formula that can be performed in 3 seconds on any attachment. It removes a huge amount of the labor and difficulty from getting the best tunes, and is definitely what I would recommend to anyone who doesn't understand tuning, thinks tuning is too much work, or doesn't really care and just wants the best tunes.

I published a very detailed guide that explains the process, but for anyone not interested in learning how it works and just want the technique, I did also include a 60-second TL;DR video that teaches you everything you need to know.

Section 6: Longshots

A general attachment rule for Longshots includes the XTEN Angel-40 Holographic sight or XTEN Angel-40 4.8x Hybrid; these sights come equipped with rangefinders that can tell you at-a-glance if a certain angle is Longshot-capable. For example, the Longshot distance for ARs is 38 meters, so if you see 38 in the rangefinder, and enemies are likely to appear at 38 meters or farther, you may have a golden longshot spot.

All Longshot distances, per weapon class

Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, Marksman Rifles, LMGs (all 38 meters); SMGs (30 meters); Shotguns (12.5 meters); Pistols (20 meters); Sniper Rifles (51 meters).

  • Getting Longshots is an absolute mess in Modern Warfare 2. Longshot angles are difficult to identify, ranges fall off hard, enemies sponge bullets, and inconsistent progress is the mark of Longshot farming. I genuinely wish I had better advice to give, because typically I find the best ways to complete challenges quite quickly. Unfortunately, the best advice I can give at this time is to use Deployable Covers to mount anywhere and everywhere, on-demand, and try to surf lobbies until you find Taraq (best), El Asilo (better), Embassy (good), and Santa Sena (decent). Make sure to also pack an XTEN Holographic Sight or XTEN 4.0x Hybrid Sight, which comes equipped with a built-in rangefinger.

    • If you are using either of these optics and see the correct distance for Longshots, you have identified a Longshot angle! The difficulty comes from anticipating good Longshot angles that get a lot of foot traffic.

    • The Longshot distances per class are as follows: Assault Rifle / Battle Rifle / Marksman Rifle / LMGs (all 38 meters); SMGs (30 meters); Shotguns (12.5 meters); Pistols (20 meters); Sniper Rifles (51 meters).

    • Maybe Tier 1 is good, maybe it isn't. Sometimes Tier 1 got me crazy Longshot progress, other times it simply didn't. Efficient Longshot farming is heavily dependent on how your enemies behave, which makes this an inherently flawed challenge designed, unfortunately.

    • The "Longshot Wall of Shoot House" is an amazing and outstanding option depending on the lobby. Sometimes enemies are always going there, sometimes they aren't. Basically, people go there if they need Longshots. If nobody is going there, they probably don't need Longshots. While there are a few other angles that offer Longshots in Shoot House, sometimes the wall is pure money. The wall I'm referring to is the long horizontal wall on each end that of the map. You simply jump on the table beside it and look over the wall to the other end! The distance from wall to wall is 59 meters, so it can work for every weapon class in the game!

    • Ground War is a decent option to consider as well. If your challenge progress is very inconsistent, do your best not to chalk your mental and get frustrated; switch it up. Try something different. Try Shoot House 24/7 and sit on the wall. Play some Tier 1. Play some Core. Play some Ground War, until hopefully you get some progress flowing. I wish you the absolute best of luck, because while you have to do a fraction of the Longshots from Vanguard (100 per weapon, pre-nerf, compared to 25 per weapon in MW2), I had an absolutely miserable time farming Longshots. I would rather farm 100 Longshots per weapon in Vanguard instead of 25 Longshots in MW2 because at least in Vanguard you had easy access to a wealth of opportunities and instant progress.

To best customize your weapon for Longshots:

I would advise an FTAC Castle Compensator Muzzle (or equivalent), Barrel with the biggest range/recoil benefit, XTEN Angel sight of choosing, FTAC Ripper Underbarrel, and generally a final preferred attachment for longshots, such as a large mag. Be sure to bring a Deployable Cover to mount on-demand as especially for SMGs... along with an ammo box!

Section 7: Bullet Velocity - Does It Matter in 6v6?

By and large, the answer is no, though there are exceptions. Players subscribe to many placebo-type myths that have been busted (such as velocity giving better hitreg – false), and for most primary weapons, Velocity largely does not matter and will almost never be the defining factor of a 6v6 gunfight. Velocity largely comes into play when engaging horizontally moving targets in which your velocity may be too slow and force you to horizontally lead a target, but this largely applies over distances well exceeding 40 meters.

There will be a section customized for each weapon class regarding Bullet Velocity, but again - the answer is largely no.

Section 8: Recommended Perks & Equipment

I personally recommend using Fast Hands as your Bonus Perk and Quick Fix as your Ultimate Perk, flexed to Ghost depending on if you play with teammates who can reliably call in Counter UAVs. I use a Stim Shot with Semtex, though many use Drill Charges. The two basic perks can customize to your playstyle, though I personally flex between Double Time, Scavenger, Bomb Squad, and Battle Hardened.

Section 9: Recommended Loadouts for Every Weapon

I spend a metric ton of time testing and optimizing my builds for maximum effectiveness. This means countless hours shooting walls at various distances to check recoil plots, constantly changing attachments back and forth, weighing strafe and handling speeds, testing overall weapon lethality against both human and AI, and checking for 100% consistency at certain distance breakpoints.
I can't stress that I put a lot of work into these builds so that they can benefit you and make your grind easier. I also include "attachment analysis" sections in each volume that help you understand which properties to prioritize, which attachments are best in slot, and other information that helps you understand the game itself.

My overall design philosophy in general when customizing weapons is to use the minimum amount of recoil control attachments, maximum amount of mobility attachments, and the best utility attachments to strike the best balance between mobility, range, recoil, and sheer effectiveness. My builds are often engineered with human recoil control in mind, meaning that I make concessions and cut unnecessary attachments if a human can properly compensate for the loss. Personally, I'm quite obsessed with squeezing every last inch of performance out of my guns, so I customize them with a certain skillcap in mind.

In short, you should find them highly mobile, but also highly accurate and controllable. If you find their recoil is too extreme, definitely make sure to visit Section 3 for "Best Settings to Control Recoil", as those graphics settings do make an absolute world of difference, regardless of how serious you want to take the game. Whether you consider yourself a part-time filthy casual or sweatlord elite, those settings are of utmost importance.

If you find that you would prefer to use an optic in lieu of the ironsights, my general suggestion would be to cut an attachment that increases mobility at the cost of recoil control; these are usually Rear Grips. If you find that you are a player that prefers to play very carefully and preaim a lot, you may want to consider cutting the laser because that will contradict with your playstyle. I consider the FSS OLE V Laser (and its twin, the VLK LZR 7MW) to be the singular best attachment in the entire game, but the visible laser definitely does cause friction in some playstyles.

My personal playstyle is highly mobile and aggressive, with quick thinking and fast reactions, but the builds are designed to be universally effective. For example, even if the M4A1 loadout feels like a >20-meter, in-your-face-style rushing machine, it's definitely effective up to approximately 41 meters, because I customize every Assault Rifle to be 100% consistent up to 40 meters - and they will be if you have proper centering, recoil control, and pure aim (unless a disclaimer is present). If anything, you will play best with a setup you find most comfortable; feel free to use these highly-tested loadouts perhaps as guidelines to understand solid mobility/recoil ratios, but sometimes it's best to play with what you find most comfortable.

The mark of a skilled player is the ability to gradually strip their weapons of recoil control attachments over time, simply because they get better at the game and become more accurate or control recoil better. However, not everybody is at the same place skill-wise, and not everybody cares to "get good"; thus - no matter where you are in Call of Duty, and no matter what or how you want to play - don't worry about what anyone else thinks and do what feels best to you at the time.

Each volume is highly customized to each weapon class, but the bulk gallery can be found below.

"Bravo Six, Going Dark (Matter)": A Complete Orion Camo Guide

Simplified Tuning Method

This guide was authored by KRNG XVI | @xvithegreat